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Notes from Patients

Special Online Reviews

Here are some notes from our patients. Feel free to read additional reviews online.

My life was changed in a very bad automobile accident last year. I suffered a brain injury and neck injury. After many months and the help from Dr Silver I am on my way back to good health and getting my Life back. Dr Silver operated on my neck and is supervising all of the therapy I have needed to fight my way back ! I would recommend this man to anyone. Thank you Dr Silver. Your the best.

Sissy Chapman

I was referred to Dr. Silver from a new pain management doctor regarding severe back pain that i had been suffering for over five years. I went to many surgeons who stated "Oh I can't help you" or "Take your medications and deal with it". I thought to myself "OK" we will try one more time. All I can say is Thank You for your time and attention in MY care! Dr. Silver took the time to review my case, did minimal imaging and went straight to the surgical procedure that had always been needed. I am now mobile and my range of motion is better than ever. Thank you again for your kind, caring and diligent actions in my care.

John Hollingsworth

Dr. Silver is a very professional Christian Physican. He did my surgery cervical c3 to c7 which turn out very well. I had the surgery 3 weeks ago and I notice change in my right leg immediately. Before I had the surgery I could not lift my right leg during my shower, now I can lift my right leg up taking my shower. I feel like a normal person again. I felt like a 85 year old person before the surgery, I'm not having pain or numbness on my right side. I'm able to walk without pain.

Dr Silver is a excellent Doctor very good bedside manner. I have my life back.

Helen Dunlap

I had been to many doctors over many years regarding my back pain and was told "We can't help you just take your medications!" I was referred to Dr. Silver by a new pain management doctor with the thought of OK another surgeon. I met with Dr.Silver who had a positive outlook regarding my diagnosis and stated he could help me. We did some quick imaging and he performed a miracle surgery. I now have so much range of motion I can't believe that I ever was crippled for years. Thank you for everything Dr. Silver.

John Hollingsworth

Since my surgery I have been able to eat, because before food was going into my lungs and I was getting really sick. I am Headache free for almost 2 years now. The pain and headaches was so sever, I could not sleep at night. “I’ll have a baby any day of the week. Compared to what I had”. I can tell you, in less than 24-hours after surgery the pain was gone. I owe him my life!


I was referred by another Doctor and was told Dr. Silver was very good. He was so positive and told me it will not take that long. Afterwards, I thought on my gosh, I felt instant relief.”


Almost immediately after the surgery was immediate improvement. I can stand can walk without pain. Right now post surgery I feel 100% better. Certainly recommend Dr. Silver 1st.”


I was having pain in both lower legs and my feet were loosing feeling. My primary Dr. referred me to Dr. Silver where he was talking about a new procedure that he was doing. It was pretty successful because I now have feelings in my legs and I have very little trouble with my back. Immediately after surgery the pain is gone. Going to Dr. Silver you can be confident that he will do an excellent job.”


I rank Dr. Silver up there with chocolate. For 4-years I did nothing but cry, take pain pills. I’ll tell you how much I recommend him. I own an antique store and on the counter I have holder with my cards and I have Dr. Silver’s cards on the counter there too!”


I am pain free in my back for the 1st time in 25-years. The way I feel then and the way I feel now is like night and day. I am now back working 60-hours a week and I am not on any pain medication. If you are considering back surgery, Dr. Silver would be the one to go to. He has given me a completely new outlook on life.”


It is exactly what I had thought what was going on for years. I had bone spurs. My problem is pretty much solved. 100 % better, he did say it will take some time. Before the surgery I had problems walking 50-feet. I am now up and walking long walks every day. Pain before was very bad, I could not go to work any more, and I had problems getting up off the couch to get to the kitchen. I would highly recommend him. He’s a very good surgeon. He cares about what he does.”


I have know the Dr. for about 3-months now. What I really like about Dr. Silver he didn’t hesitate that he trusted in God and that’s really important in me. I had several friends came in to pray with me and he was right along with them to pray. I had sever pain and numbness in both arms and burning sensation in my back. That’s all gone. Two months after the operation all of the tingling and sensation are all gone. I am able to sleep and rest at night. I am really pleased right after surgery of how pain free I really was it’s a real blessing. He showed a lot of care of my situation.”


I met Dr. Silver through referral, with disc issues with c5 & c7. Very professional, friendly guy, told me exactly what I needed to do. He literally took care of the problems. The tingling completely disappears. Felt better immediately after surgery.”